-I am happy to inform you that due to a series of workshops just completed, we have established an enhanced mutual understanding of each agency’s mission and organizational culture.
-As you well know, relationships among the Army and the regulatory agencies, especial EPA Region 10, have been strained in recent years. With help from your Army Environmental Center (AEC) and (Fulton Communications), we began an outreach workshop last summer to improve this situation.
-There is a marked improvement in understanding among Army and regulatory leadership to include our respective staffs…Please pass my appreciation along to AEC and Fulton Communications their support in our outreach initiative.

Major General James Lovelace U.S. Army – Alaska USARAK

I know you received a fair amount of verbal feedback at the end of your inaugural Risk communication lesson to the Garrison Pre Command students. Here are more:
-This lesson should be added as an elective portion of the course. Keith is a great facilitator.
-Best block of instruction of week #1.
-Great instruction – should be at least 8 hours and more likely 16 hours. This is the best return for time.
-Very valuable instruction which will payoff in the future. Excellent presenter.
-Absolutely outstanding class, but too short.

Mike Dougan, P.E. Army Management Staff College
Ft. Belvoir, VA

Thanks very much. I really appreciate the wide spectrum of communication and facilitation skills you used to help us prepare for the meetings (not to mention your sense of humor – you really helped keep things in perspective!). So glad you came out to help.

Agana, Guam

-I have been ably supported by staff members of Fulton Communications for almost three years, in my role as an educator and spokesperson for the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. From my personal experience, Sandy Martinez and Keith Fulton are exceptionally knowledgeable, energetic, and talented. They have personally coached me in my risk-communication skills, greatly magnifying my ability to interact effectively with troops, leaders, and the public. I have seen them give excellent interactive presentations to audiences of a wide variety of experiences and concerns. Our office benefited greatly from Ms. Martinez’ and Mr. Fulton’s contributions to our multi-faceted message-mapping effort.
-These risk communicators understand their subject matter exceptionally well and are unusually proficient at training military and civilian audiences. I have been delighted with their services.

LTC John D. Grabenstein, RPh, PhD US Army Medical Command
Deputy Director for Clinical Operations

Your recently completed Health and Environmental Risk Communication Workshop in San Diego was, in a word, superb and clearly ranks at the top of those I’ve attended in my 26 years of great Navy training!…Please accept my personal thanks for your efforts. The workshop was great fun and a wonderful learning experience.

CAPT. R.J. Connelly U.S. Navy
Commander, Amphibious Squadron THREE

An absolutely dynamic course. I recommend to all who interact with people. The instructors’ research and understanding of the Vieques issue helped in direct application of techniques for us.

U.S. Navy Vieques, Puerto Rico.

This is the best course I have ever had in AF hands-down. Keith is a professional with an absolute mastery of the subject matter. Very dynamic. He captured his audience. Superb.

ACC Environmental Symposium Nashville, TN.

As a very enthusiastic and energetic teach myself for decades, I recognize extraordinary teaching talent when I see it. I used to think of Peter Sandman as the epitome of this kind of performance, but I have to admit that Sandy Martinez is as fully effective and riveting as Peter. This course was excellent partly because of the material and partly because of the group energy, but mostly because of Sandy’s galvanizing and dynamic effect. Retain her at all costs!

Dr. James Madsen, LTC MPH Deputy Director NCCDEM Residency
Bethesda, MD.

I use the Risk Communications skills and techniques I learned from Sandy and Keith in my day-to-day job. It’s great, useful information, and Sandy and Keith’s presentation style keeps you focused and entertained while you learn. A “must” for people who work with people, and isn’t that all of us, essentially?

Jennifer Kralik U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General
Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

Keith did a wonderful job with this training. He clearly is well versed in this area. He was exceptionally knowledgeable. His course material will be a very valuable resource for future reference.

Mary Jo Ramicone DOE
Argonne National Laboratory, IL.

Many thanks to you (Sandy Martinez – Fulton Communications). They (U.S. Navy) are finally talking English for a change. This is the best meeting they’ve ever had.

Mayor Wesley Santa Rita, Guam.

-Thanks for thinking of me, and inviting me to the Fulton’s workshop. It was excellent both in presentation and content…which is quite a compliment coming from a harsh critic like me!!!
-Since they are also contracting with EPA now, I hope that maybe we can bring them over for a workshop with DOH staff. I’ve been telling other colleagues who deal in outreach about this workshop, and they are interested as well.
-It was so wonderful to have people who have actually been through the grinder with public audiences, rather than someone who is just teaching it conceptually.

Maile Sakamoto - EPO Environmental Health Services
State of Hawaii

On behalf of everyone here at USARHAW (Hawaii), I know I write for all when I say thank you for the outstanding presentations that were provided. The insights you provided were thought provoking and have helped us with our continued dialogue with the local communities. Makua is but one issue but the info you provided is a great foundation for all of our interactions for years to come.

MAJ John Cornelio Secretary of the General’s Staff, USARHAW

Fulton Communications’ Risk Comm Workshops should be required training for anyone who opens their mouth on behalf of any government agency. The training is much more than just learning how to speak, in fact, it is more about learning how to look and listen, to be empathic in your communication. Sandy and Keith Fulton facilitate outstanding opportunities for any spokesperson to become more proficient on the two way street that is communication.

Dennis Moreland U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General
Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

Risk Communication is a part of both my professional and personal life, and I think that anyone could apply risk communication skills and techniques in their own lives. In my personal experiences with Keith Fulton and Sandy Martinez, I couldn’t have been happier or feel better prepared for my day-to-day occurrences with the public. They have taken me out of my shell and prepared me for the world of communication. Both Keith and Sandy have profoundly unique and invaluable teaching styles. They are highly motivated and very entertaining. I would recommend the services offered by Fulton Communications to anyone interested in learning how to communicate effectively with the public and the media. They make an awesome team.

Angela Thigpen U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General
Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program

It was very interactive with multiple modes of learning. Keith is a fantastic instructor and learning facilitator!

COL Leon Robert Commander USACHPPM
Ft. Lewis, WA